FORT GORDON, GA -- The 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade recently ended one of its biannual field exercise problems, but this doesn't mean the job is done.There's plenty to be done and as the Lion Brigade enters the recovery phase of a training exercise maintenance, repairs and restock are of the utmost importance."We all know it's important to have equipment and gear ready for the field before a training exercise," said Sgt. Thomas Bruce, 35th TTSB motor sergeant. "But the real work is after the equipment has been used and all the faults from operations have been logged for repair and maintenance."Readiness is the top priority for the U.S. Forces Commanding General and a hug part of that is ensuring equipment and personnel are completely prepared and ready to go."Most pieces of equipment won't have issues until you use them as you would operationally, so recovery is a good time to fix those issues plus make sure the needed parts are on hand for future use ensuring mission capability," said Bruce. "So the training exercise is only the beginning, because once Soldiers get a chance to use equipment and see its problems they become more acclimated to the problem sets and how to solve or fix them, with maintenance it's the same we see generators, trucks and other types of equipment some we don't normally get to do maintenance or repairs on so it helps us become better mechanics and maintainers, so it's like another training exercise in its self."With training and learning opportunities in every phase of a field training exercise the one thing that remains constant is the importance of readiness and technically and tactically proficient Soldiers.