JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- (Oct. 30, 2017) Since joining the Mission and Installation Contracting Command, I quickly realized this is an incredible organization. I've had the chance to visit several of our offices and have seen firsthand that what you do is powerful.Having held multiple leadership positions, the MICC by far has been one of my best experiences. The professionals across our command are extremely competent and dedicated. Despite being small in numbers, your accomplishments are enormous. Every time you write a contract, there is a person at the other end who is significantly impacted. What you do touches every aspect of Soldier readiness and family quality of life.In some cases, 80 percent of sustainment capabilities reside in the Reserve. The other 20 percent is supporting warfighters in garrison and combat operations. In order to meet all requirements, contract solutions are necessary to fill those gaps. The Mission and Installation Contracting Command is an integral part of a total force solution.Currently, we operating in a highly volatile and dynamic environment. Our Soldiers and civilians, must be trained and certified to do their job. Leaders bear much of this responsibility, but I ask you take individual responsibility and ensure you are ready. It will take everybody rowing in the same direction to meet any future challenges.I expect deployments to remain consistent, but it is the unknown requirements we must be ready for. Over the past few months we responded to three hurricanes in rapid succession. Our teams are still engaged with relief efforts and continue to perform exceptionally. We will take their lessons learned and share them with the rest of the formation.Our uniformed and civilian workforce will continue to remain in high demand across the Army because of the powerful impact it brings to any installation or operation. Although we're faced with an inconsistent world today, the MICC, our Soldiers and civilians will meet every challenge with excellence. We're ready for whatever comes our way.