Soldiers with the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, trained on various ranges across Fort Riley Oct. 23-27 to enhance readiness throughout the "Devil" brigade.Throughout the five days of training, Soldiers trained on multiple weapon systems, including various sniper rifles.Even in heavy winds, Sgt. Aric Colgart, a sniper with 3rd Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, 1st ABCT, held his team to a standard, firing at multiple targets at unknown distances."This training is really important for readiness," Colgart said. "You never know how far you will have to engage the enemy."He said that they are ready to fight anywhere."Anything can happen at any time," Colgart said. "You never know what can happen in the world."Pvt. Henry White, cavalry scout, 3rd Bn., 66th Armor Reg., said as a force they must know how to properly use the sniper rifle in order to act effectively under fire in a combat scenario."It's good to be on your toes and aware of your surroundings at all times," White said. "You have to be proficient in your job. The more ready you are the more prepared you are."Not too far from the sniper training range, Soldiers from the 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st ABCT, were training on the M249 squad automatic weapon."We are getting better and more proficient on our weapon systems," said Spc. David Macias, intelligence analyst, 1st Eng. Bn."Accomplishing the mission starts with training," said Spc. Dana Chapman, geospatial intelligence imagery analyst, 1st Eng. Bn. "You never know where you're going to be in your Army career. It may come down to if you are in a firefight and someone goes down, who is going to step up and take that guy's place?"Familiarization of the weapon is crucial for readiness, Macias said."I had never qualified on the M249 prior to today," Macias said. "Having noncommissioned officers here helping is making me better. We are building readiness in case anything happens throughout the world."I am ready to fight."