The aircraft and parts that are produced at Corpus Christi Army Depot play an imperative role in saving the lives of United States service members on a daily basis. When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, the mission shifted and hit closer to home for many members of CCAD's workforce.

Between Aug. 28 and Sep. 1, shortly after Hurricane Harvey tore through the coast of South Texas, the US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps all engaged in rescue missions in affected areas. As of Sep. 2, the Armed Services performed 2,041 rescues with military aircraft, including 65 HH-60s, some of which CCAD employees may recognize.

While no complete aircraft from the depot were used during hurricane rescue missions, many of the components used on those rescue aircraft were produced within CCAD's shops, and that is just as important.

Wayne Duffy, US Air Force liaison for CCAD, explains that when aircraft are scheduled for missions, every component in each aircraft has a specific job and must be in top shape.

"When there is an issue with one component, it throws the whole mission off," Duffy said. In the same way, each member of the CCAD team plays an essential role to ensure our nation's Warfighters can carry out each mission.

Kimberly Herren, Director of the 638th Supply Chain Management Group at Robins Air Force Base, wants the CCAD workforce to know that the work they do is vital both at home and abroad. As the Director of an installation that works closely with CCAD, Herren understands how important each individual step in a process is and how many people it takes to carry out each of those steps.

"Each of you play an important role in ensuring that required parts are available to support our Warfighters…never underestimate the difference that each of you make each day for the safety and security of our country and its citizens both stateside and overseas."

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, it is important to continue putting forth our best efforts to ensure that the aircrafts that we work on and provide for are in their best working order. Every member of the workforce here plays an important role in life-saving missions every day.