The USAG Yongsan Fire Department and Seoul Fire Department hosted an open house at the USAG Yongsan Fire Station during the 2017 Fire Prevention Week, Oct.10. Visitors were treated to a display of various fire department strategy and technology. This year, the Seoul Fire Department volunteered to provide activities for children during the elementary school fire station tour. Students had the opportunity to learn how to use a fire extinguisher, learn coping methods during an earthquake situation, experience building escape using slides and learn the proper procedures of CPR. During lunch, the USAG Yongsan Fire Department held a "Burger Burn" outdoor grilling event to provide all participants with burgers and hotdogs. Demonstrations of how to deal with car and helicopter accidents really heated up Fire Prevention Week Oct. 11, at the USAG Yongsan Fire Station. The demonstration involved an actual vehicle and presentation on how to rescue the driver trapped in the car by ripping apart the vehicle in pieces starting from the car roof. The highlight of the demonstration was when a fire arose from a model helicopter. Firefighters demonstrated putting out the fire within just a few minutes. On the last day of Fire Prevention Week, Seoul American Elementary School students participated in an evacuation drill. At the sound of the fire alarm, all elementary school students evacuated the building in an orderly manner. The USAG Yongsan Fire Department assisted in the evacuation exercise.