Symposium Teaches Cyber-Security
Capt. Gabriel K. Park, chief of U.S. Air Force Operations Law, 51st Fighter Wing, U.S. Forces Korea, leads an open discussion with service-members and civilians during "Bytes of The Roundtable Symposium" at Yongsan Garrison's Memorial Chapel, Oct. 13... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea -- Service-members and civilians from various ranks and job titles volunteered their time to help host the U.S. Forces Korea Joint Cyberspace Center's "Bytes of the Roundtable Symposium" at the garrison's Memorial Chapel, Oct. 13.

The symposium is designed to teach the importance of cyber-security and how to safe-guard their personal information as they learn about the different scams and techniques cyber-criminals are using to defraud unwitting victims.

"The reality of cyber-attacks are different from what people see on the television," said Lt. Col. Janice M. Gravely, Chief of U.S. Forces Korea Joint Cyber Center Operations Division. "We are trying to remove the fear of cyber-attacks and to educate the public so that they are able to protect themselves".

The latest topic for discussion was Strategic Military Cyber Operations and the Law presented by Lt. Col. Vicki Ann Belle, U.S. Air Force Staff Judge Advocate and Capt. Gabriel K. Park, Chief of USAF Operations Law, 51st Fighter Wing.

According to Gravely, the symposium is not a lecture but rather an interactive talking group in a relaxed atmosphere where people come to ask questions and share their opinions and concerns about cyber-security.

The symposium is held on the first Friday of every month hosted by USFK JCC in conjunction with Armed Forces Communications, Electronics Association and Signal Corps Regimental Association.

For more information on the locations and times, please call the Joint Cyberspace Center at 723-6553 or email