CAMP TAJI, IRAQ --Soldiers from the 536th Support Maintenance Company are cross training the junior enlisted on equipment outside their chosen career field October 19, 2017 at Camp Taji, Iraq. This helps short staff unit's better serve the other unit equipment need in theater. "We are a little short with people in our shop, so we have to be able to be self-sufficient during our mission so cross training helps," said Staff Sgt. Rolando Barcelon, 536th Support Maintenance Company. "Our company mission is for everyone to learn everyone else's job." Teaching the junior enlisted on other equipment does not just help the shop but it also hands the torch to create future non-commissioned officers. Staff Sgt. Barelon is taking the time to teach a junior enlisted wheel mechanic on repairing generators. "I think it's important I learn now as lower enlisted, because it gives me more time to learn more stuff as I go," said Pfc. Kandice Towner, 536th Support Maintenance Company. "Our NCOs are very encouraging as I get in there and learn as much as I can now." "Seven or eight years ago I didn't know about trucks or ground support equipment but NCOs taught me how to fix everything else in the motor pool," said Barcelon. "It's a good feeling that I am helping a new soldier learn my job; it fulfills me as a NCO." "It's very important to learn everything and get all the knowledge you can," said Towner. The 536th Support Maintenance Company is the front line for mechanics. The equipment they work on today will head back up to the front tomorrow.