HONOLULU (October 24, 2017) - Brig. Gen. Bertram Providence, Regional Health Command-Pacific Commanding General, inducted two new members into military medicine's prestigious Order of the Military Medical Merit, or O2M3, during a ceremony at Tripler Army Medical Center Oct. 4, 2017.

The O2M3 recognizes people who have served in an Army Medical Department for at least 10 years, and through selflessness, have made a sustained contribution to the betterment of Army Medicine. These individuals demonstrate high standards of integrity, moral character and professional competence. The O2M3, founded in 1982 by the U.S. Army Health Service Command commanding general, recognized excellence and promotes fellowship and esprit de corps among Army Medicine members.

According to Providence, the award is very significant and important to Army Medicine members and highlights skills and expertise. "We are in a knowledge-based environment," he said. "We are in the people business. We take care of people." He added that the O2M3 is a method that allows people to be motivated through recognition and is a testament to their dedication of living to the words found in unit mission statements.

Col. Christensen Hsu, Dental Command-Pacific commander, was recognized for her service to the Army Medical Department as a leader with distinction, a mentor, author and highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the Army Dental Corps. Hsu made significant contributions with the Advance Education in General Dentistry Program where she used her expertise and advanced surgical skills to train and mentor junior officers and enlisted Soldiers. Serving in multiple command positions, she provided critical support to exercises throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific Region, highlighting and improving readiness and deployment capabilities of medical Task Forces and strengthening relationships with sister services, allies, and host nations. Hsu, a recognized subject matter expert, presented to more than 600 participants from 28 countries during the 2017 Asia Pacific Military Health Exchange.

Col. Mark Burnett, Tripler Army Medical Center Pediatric Infectious Diseases chief, is described as a tremendously talented and dedicated leader, educator and Army Medical Corps Officer, who improved the readiness of Soldiers and other beneficiaries at home and during numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan supporting contingency operations. Burnett was responsible for providing direct and supervisory care for pediatric patients with a wide range of infections and immunologic diseases. He greatly assisted the pediatric residency programs, teaching and training the next generation of military physicians. Additionally, Burnett oversaw the Pacific Island Healthcare Project, the longest running telemedicine program in the world, advancing medical and surgical care in remote islands throughout the Pacific.

"It's always a pleasure to recognize excellence," said Command Sergeant Major Richard Watson, RHC-P Command Sergeant Major. Our two inductees clearly demonstrate the highest degree of professional competence. It's important, in front of families, friends and colleagues, that we took the time to recognize their achievements and their contributions to Army Medicine."