Renata Lukezic, General Pediatrician at the Vilseck Army Health Clinic, conducted her first Telehealth to the Home appointment in September which launched the Medical Department Activity Bavaria Telehealth to the Home pilot program.

Lukezic is the first MEDDAC-B provider to conduct a follow-up appointment utilizing virtual technology to connect to the family in their home.

The patient's parent, Shaneka Mangler, said, "not having to drive all of the way to Vilseck took a lot of the stress out of going to the clinic. I loved it! I wish all of my appointments could be this way."

Dr. Lukezic added, "I thoroughly enjoyed the home telemedicine visit. The atmosphere was completely relaxed and I could tell the mother was relaxed as well. She was in her warm home, did not have to travel to the clinic, nor worry about parking. The mother and I took our time as a team. I had time to answer all of her questions and had the advantage of being able to order their prescription at a clinic closer to their home, which significantly reduced their driving time. I envision home telemedicine as the perfect tool for promoting health, wellness and quality of life."

As the MEDDAC-B Telehealth to the Home pilot program progresses, more appointments may be offered to patients as an alternative to coming in to a clinic. For more information on the Regional Health Command Europe Telehealth Program, please visit: