FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Fort Rucker Intramural Football season is under way and two teams with playoff ambitions battled it out early in the season.

The 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment Monstars defeated the 1-212th Avn. Regt. Spartans, 32-6, in a game Oct. 17 that had the Monstars outshining their opponents at every turn.

"We had enough people start on both offense and defense, and worked out some kinks -- I thought (the game) went pretty well," said CW3 Jeff Myers, Monstars coach. "We've had about four or five practices, and it was obvious that we've built some sort of cohesion and got some plays down."

The 1-145th had the advantage over the Spartans with almost double the players, allowing the Monstars the ability to rotate players more often than their opponents, which ultimately led to a win for the team.

Monstars got off to a good start as they received and managed short return, followed by a 20-yard pass to get within scouring range. They quickly managed their first touchdown with their next play to take an early lead, 6-0.

Spartans weren't fairing as well on their start with a missed pass and a false start, and although they managed some runs, penalties kept pushing them farther from their goal line.

The 1-212th tried for a pass into the end zone, but the Monstars managed to pick off an interception to retake possession, leaving the Spartans scoreless.

The Monstars pushed aggressively toward the opposing goal line and the quarterback managed to connect with his receivers to get within two yards of the goal line, following up with a completion in the end zone for their second touchdown to take a 12-0 lead.

The Spartans had another chance to push downfield and get on the scoreboard, and managed to push past the 50-yard line, but another interception halted any progress and returned possession to the Monstars.

Although the 1-145th found themselves with possession again, they weren't able to cash in on their success as the Spartan's defense went to work and forced a turnover at their 20-yard line.

The Spartans weren't having much luck with their possession, though, as they weren't able to break through the opposing defense and decided to go for a long bomb, which ended in another interception to once again give the Monstars possession.

The 1-145th continued to find the gaps in the Spartan's defense and pushed toward the goal line. They followed up again with a touchdown pass to lead at the end of the half, 26-0.

The Spartans had possession going into the second half and needed all the help they could get, but they weren't able to take advantage of their possession as the Monstars' defense held strong and managed to pick off another pass just minutes into the second half. The Spartans managed to return the favor with an interception of their own in the end zone, returning possession to the 1-212th.

They managed two back-to-back 20-yard passes to push downfield and get within five yards of the goal line, and were finally able to push through the Monstars defense on their next play for their first touchdown.

Try as they might, the Spartans couldn't keep up, though, as the Monstars took possession and didn't slow their aggressive offense, pushing toward the goal line for another touchdown to extend their lead to 32-6 at the 2 minute mark.

The Spartans didn't have any luck during their possession as the 1-145th's defense remained tight to keep them from the goal line as the clock wound down, and the Monstars took the win.