CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE Q-WEST, Iraq - Several Soldiers took their first steps to becoming a warrant officer during a warrant officer recruitment seminar here, March 21.

Warrant officers from nearly every technical field met with several hopeful candidates to discuss the eligibility criteria and vocational benefits during a two-hour seminar in the Knight's Feasting Hall dining facility.

"We held the warrant officer recruiting seminar because warrant officers have a responsibility to uphold the traditions of the warrant officer corps, which leads to a stronger Army," said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Brent Ray, a Eagar, Ariz., native and support operations maintenance officer in charge, 16th Sustainment Brigade. "In order to accomplish this mission we must seek out those individuals that want to make a difference in today's Army. In doing this we not only strengthen the Army, but also the individual."

The warrant officer field is small, comprising of less than two percent of the Army, said Ray. He explained that warrant officers are considered technical experts in their fields, and do not usually perform command functions like regular officers. Not all occupational specialties in the Army have warrant officer positions available.

Staff Sgt. Amencio Almanza, an Edinburg, Texas native and night battle non-commissioned officer, 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sust. Bde., attended the seminar because he has an interest in becoming a food service technician- a warrant officer position in his field.

"I think it's a great opportunity," Almanza said. "It offers different goals and challenges."

Almanza, who has more than 14-years of active duty service and on his second deployment, said the military is continuously changing.

"The military is evolving, therefore as Soldiers we need to evolve with it," Almanza said. "If you don't evolve you're going to be left behind."

Story and photo by Sgt. Keith M. Anderson public affairs.
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