HONOLULU - (October 18, 2017) Tripler Army Medical Center, also known as TAMC, celebrates pharmacy week on October 15-20. During this, the pharmacy staffs are recognized for their invaluable commitment to each patient while providing safe and quality pharmacy services. The TAMC's pharmacy staff consists of over 100 members located in 15 central, clinic, and satellite locations across the island of Oahu. The TAMC pharmacy optimizes access to care, refills, and patient education services. They process over 900 inpatient and 3,000 outpatient prescriptions and inpatient medication orders daily. Regardless of the number of patients, the pharmacy team is responsible to administer the right medication, to the right person, in the right quantity, and at the lowest cost.The TAMC pharmacy conducts multiple safety checks with each prescription and consistently updates every patient profile to ensure safe and effective service. The systems, automation, workflow, and technology are consistently upgrading to improve efficiencies. Pharmacist must confirm that the amount, type, direction, and drug for every patient are accurate and safe."The pharmacy at TAMC is not just an extension or the final stop in the healthcare pipeline," said Maj. Emily Holcomb, Pharmacy Resident. "We are integrated into the patient's care from the very beginning, not just the final safety check. The pharmacy's services are involved in every step of a patient's healthcare experience, it's continuous," added HolcombHolcomb also described that every patient is unique and has unique medication needs.Every medication is reviewed by a pharmacist to make sure it was ordered, appropriate, and safely delivered for every patient," said Holcomb.TAMC pharmacy week acknowledges the invaluable contributions that the pharmacists and technicians make to advance patient care. The TAMC pharmacy is available to answer patient questions, and provide one-on-one consultations.For more information about the TAMC pharmacy (808)433-7880.