United States Army Reserve Encourages Conservation During Energy Action Month
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Providing nearly half of the Army's total maneuver support, petroleum operations, and the majority of its transportation and quartermaster assets, the Army Reserve relies upon continuous access to electricity, fuel and other forms of energy to sustain every mission -- whether engaging in conflict around the world or providing disaster response in communities across the nation.

Maintaining access to these resources is critical to the force. Numerous economic and environmental factors are threatening our energy supply, and the Center for Army Lessons Learned estimates that ten percent of Army casualties in theater are directly related to fuel and water transport missions.

Energy security will carry the Army Reserve into the future. An energy-secure force, with sufficient energy resources in all forms, where and when needed, can operate at full mission capacity even in the event of disruptions to the energy supply or municipal grid. This capability also serves as a critical asset to communities in an energy crisis.

Last year, the Army Reserve reduced energy use intensity by 17.9 percent -- the most of any landholding Command in the Army. We avoided $6.7 million in costs, or the funding needed to produce nine training missions.

For long-term energy security, the Army Reserve continuously strives to reduce energy use and ultimately, dependence on foreign oil and power sources beyond our fence lines. We are eliminating energy waste by conserving energy and creating energy efficient facilities. We are investing in renewable and alternative energy technologies that will generate power at our sites and place the Army Reserve at the forefront of innovation. Finally, we are fostering a culture of energy-conscious Soldiers, Civilians and Families who advocate resource stewardship in the Army Reserve and their personal lives.

While our successes have been remarkable, our efforts are only beginning. We need your help. Do your part to save energy -- at home, at your Army Reserve Center, on the range, in the field and in theater. With your support, we can ensure our energy resources are secure for the missions of today and the missions of tomorrow.

Energy Reduction is Energy Security.


Stephen Austin

Assistant Chief of Army Reserve

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