Soldiers from the 95th Engineer Company (Clearance), 84th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command conducted familiarization and training on the Talon IV Robot System September 18-22 at Schofield Barracks.

The Talon IV Robot System is a tele-operated, man-transportable, all terrain and all-weather robot with day/night capability. The Talon IV Systems are intended for manipulating objects and provide the ability for dismounted Soldiers to remotely interrogate uncleared structures and spaces.

"The equipment fielding and training provided an invaluable opportunity for our Soldiers to learn the capabilities and limitations of the robot from the manufacturer," said Capt. Phillip Hom, Company Commander of the 95th Engineer Company (Clearance).

"The Talon robot is a critical tool in clearance operations. It provides engineers the necessary safety standoff while interrogating potential explosive hazards during missions," Hom said.

The 95th Engineer Company (Clearance) commands, controls, coordinates and conducts route reconnaissance and clearance missions to enable force application, focused logistics, and a constructive force protection. Their mission involves finding, interrogating, and clearing explosive hazards, making the Talon training crucial to ensuring the safety of engineer Soldiers.

"The way that the new Talons were trained on immediately after fielding them ensured that Soldiers knew how to work the robots and conduct proper maintenance, said Spc. Paul Romero, a combat engineer with the 95th Engineer Company (Clearance).

A focus on manning, training, equipping, and leader development enable the Army to accomplish a full range of military operations. Hands-on training events like this fielding are critical to unit readiness and enable Soldiers to better prepare for their future missions.