Joe Hunter is a "Patient Experience Navigator" at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital tasked with helping TRICARE beneficiaries enroll at the RelayHealth website ( RelayHealth represents the next step in the evol... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- RelayHealth can make patients' lives ReallyEasy…if they register online and begin using it.

With a smart phone or computer, patients who visit the RelayHealth website at can send and receive secure messages with their Primary Care team, see test results such as X-rays and lab results, and even request medication refills.

Using RelayHealth's website, patients can decrease their need to book appointments and visit the hospital.


• Connectivity to healthcare providers for routine communications

• Access to lab and other diagnostic test results

• Consultations for non-urgent health matters

• Access to view healthcare account information and pay bills

• Set up and management of Personal Health Records (PHR)


• Provider consultations

• Prescription renewal

• Appointment scheduling

• Personal health record management

• Lab results

• Referral requests

• Access to medically reviewed information

GLWACH provides patients with on-the-spot RelayHealth signup assistance within the hospital.

"Stop me in the hallway and I'll sign you up," said Joe Hunter, one of General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital's patient experience navigators. "I'm the guy always wearing Alabama's Crimson Tide colors."

"RelayHealth is a very successful and a secure online tool on its own," Hunter explained. "I'm simply here because I care and it's my job to assist patients who may need my help--some more than others--when signing up for RelayHealth."

RelayHealth's goal is to improve the delivery and accessibility of online healthcare communications. RelayHealth provides beneficiaries with the convenient online technology needed in our fast-paced society.

TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging is accessible directly at or by clicking the "Secure Messaging" icon on the TOL Patient Portal homepage located at

To reach the TOL Patient Portal help desk, call 1-866-309-4138, or email patient support at

(Editor's note: John Brooks is the marketing specialist at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital)