It's the time of year when drivers are confronted with the challenges of a dangerous meteorological condition known as fog.

Statistically, fog is the most dangerous driving hazard. Safety experts offer some tips for "fog season." If you can't pull off the road we offer the following advice:

•Increase the interval between vehicles (beyond three seconds in ideal conditions)
•Slow down. Most fog-related traffic fatalities occur because someone was driving too fast and couldn't stop in time to avoid a collision.
•Make sure you can be seen. Turn on fog lights and use low beams.
•If you leave the road, be sure to pull off completely. Turn off driving lights and use flashers so others know you're there.
•Always use defroster and windscreen wipers in foggy conditions to keep windows clear.
•Keep an eye on the speedometer and maintain a slow, constant speed.
•Drivers have a limited sight distance and that fog can leave roadways slick, signal early and apply brakes slowly so others know your intentions.

Stay safe!