FORT DIX, N.J. -- Soldiers from 2-315th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 174th Infantry Brigade, participated in a leader professional development training session on effective communication and trust Oct. 5, 2017, in the Cleary room here.

Maj. Mike Kim, the 174th Infantry Brigade chaplain, conducts this training for each battalion in the brigade when requested.

Kim explains that receiving this training once a year is OK, and most battalions usually request it. "This class is open to all battalions," he said.

During the training, the Soldiers participated in two activities. In the first activity, called "Minefield," one Soldier was blindfolded and the remaining Soldiers from the group gathered around to provide guidance through a "minefield" of cups placed on the floor. The blindfolded Soldier listened to commands from each group member to exit the minefield safely by trusting the commands that he received.

Staff Sgt. John Bieber, 2-315th Brigade Engineer Battalion motor sergeant, said he learned how trust could be built and lost, how to improve communication skills and how to apply these skills once he retires from the military.

"I think the training was excellent and very interactive," Bieber said. "The activities that were chosen were very appropriate and good for a laugh."

The second activity, called "Telephone," was a communication game that demonstrated to the Soldiers how a story can change in retelling and may simulate rumors. It also helped the Soldiers understand how a story could change based on their individual understanding.

As the training came to an end, the Soldiers told Maj. Kim the activities were great, and that they can use the skills in everyday life.

"Communication goes both ways," Kim said. "Effective communication is two-way, not one-way."