ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- When combat vehicles arrive at the Wash Rack, they are dirty and greasy - both from the process of disassembly as well as from the conditions endured prior to their arrival at Anniston Army Depot.

Some may be caked with dirt or need debris shoveled out of them before the cleaning process can begin.

"We can't leave any grease or dirt in the vehicle or it will clog up the spinner hanger," said Demetrius Rouse, supervisor for the Steam/Chemical Cleaning Branch.

It's one of the most physically demanding jobs on the installation. Employees brave the elements - the heat in summer exacerbated by the need to wear water-proof clothing and the open bays which let in the chill of winter.

"These guys do the grunt work of the depot," said Rouse, adding that every vehicle overhauled or repaired on the installation must go through the Wash Rack at least once.

"They touch every vehicle on the depot," he said.