October - Energy Action Month
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PENTAGON - In October of each year, the Army observes Energy Action Month. The Army's theme this year is "Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness," reminds us that energy is a key mission enabler and force multiplier for a ready and resilient Army.

Energy resilience begins at our 156 Army Installations and over 1,000 community-based Army National Guard and Army Reserve Centers. These locations provide the critical infrastructure to organize, train, equip, and deploy our Soldiers. Through diligent energy management, our installations become robust and resilient power projection platforms.

Energy security contributes directly to war-fighting readiness. Energy resilience is an integral aspect of Army policy. Army Directive 2017-07 established the requirement to secure critical missions on our installations by providing necessary energy and water for a minimum of 14 days. We improve assured access to energy by implementing policies and projects that add reliable, diverse and redundant energy sources to our installations. We also work to improve our current infrastructure condition, ensuring the lines and equipment on our sites reliably distribute energy where we need it most. We seal this energy security effort with effective system operation and trained Army personnel to properly exercise emergency response plans.

Energy is also a critical enabler of military capability. Energy moves vehicles and aircraft, powers mission command and protection systems, and supports base camp operations. Wise use of energy extends reach and endurance, reduces sustainment demands, and frees Soldiers from support tasks to focus on the primary mission.

Training leaders and Soldiers to consider the effects of energy on operations ensures energy is used for the greatest operational good.

Looking forward, the Army will continue to view energy as a mission enabler. We encourage all to remain mindful of energy use, reduce energy consumption, innovate where possible, and promote energy awareness this month, and every month.


Gwen Bingham

Lieutenant General, United States Army

Assistant Chief of Staff, Installation Management

J. Randall Robinson

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army

Installations, Energy and Environment

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