KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Commander Col. Keith E. Igyarto showed just how committed he is to Green Boot certification by challenging his own experts in head-to-head competition. Garrison command functions in Rhine Ordnance Barracks Bldg. 162 will challenge their own Department of Public Works in ROB Bldg. 164.The Army's Green Boot Program inspires organizations to conserve energy and natural resources by focusing on energy conservation, waste management, transportation and water efficiency and quality. Following an evaluation of efforts, a Green Boot certification is awarded."I realize I picked a most worthy opponent in this first competition in that DPW is our resident expert on energy and environment," Igyarto said. "But I'm confident the team in my building is up for the task and will get that coveted certificate ahead of DPW."Hans-Karl Betzhold, Chief, Environmental Management Division for DPW, said it was Colonel Igyarto's idea for this competition, of which DPW gladly accepted. "We've already established our baselines. The competition will start on Oct. 4 and continue through Dec. 5.The structure of the challenge is competition between two or more USAG RP units to fast-track initial completion of the Green Boot certification. "We want to see many more units participating in this program," said Betzhold. Points will be awarded for various categories, including developing a pledge and gaining signatures of occupants on that pledge. Points will also be awarded in each of the six Green Boot checklist requirements, with additional points available for exceeding those requirements. The six Green Boot requirements are Awareness; Transportation; Waste Reduction; Environmental; Water Efficiency and Quality; Energy, and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC).Both teams are also able to bring in several ringers, or student experts from Ramstein High School. Three to four students plus faculty representatives will be on each team. Ramstein High School received Green Boot certification last school year, and these students will provide their experience and expertise as advisers and partners.Each team must also have an assigned Building Facility Manager, or "FACMAN."The end-state of the challenge will be that each unit will successfully complete and receive Green Boot certification. The team gaining the most points will receive their certificate ahead of the other. The timing of the challenge also coincides with Energy Action Month in October. Formerly known as Energy Awareness Month, "now we call it Energy Action Month" said Maria Meyers-DeLay, Energy Engineer in the DPW Environmental Management Division.Energy Action Month is an opportunity for the Army to reinforce key messages for Installation and Operational Energy regarding energy security, resilience and conservation as well as raise awareness of Army initiatives. Energy security underpins mission readiness. The theme of October 2017 Energy Action Month is "Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness."To find out how to become a member of the Green Boot community, units can contact Hans-Karl Betzhold, Chief of the Environmental Division at 541-4737 or DPW at 541-1560 to schedule an initial "Getting Started Brief."