AMCOM Logistics Center
Intern Coordinator, Business Management Directorate

The supply chain process, and its impact on AMCOM's maintenance and sustainment mission were the focus of a two-day tour of Corpus Christi Army Depot facilities taken by Department of the Army and local Pathways interns working for AMCOM's Logistics Center at Redstone Arsenal.

The group, which included 12 DA and Pathway interns along with Activity Career Program managers Mark Moe and Charles Reeves, toured the facilities on Aug. 21-24 to gain a better understanding of the supply chain partnerships between Corpus Christi Army Depot and the Research and Development Engineering Command, Defense Logistics Agency and Defense Distribution Center.

During their depot tour, the interns received an overview of the Art of the Probable theory of the constraints process from depot commander Col. Allan Lanceta. He also discussed with them the reductions to repair cycle time for the UH-60 Black Hawk Recapitalization Program, building maintenance costs, maintaining employee skill sets, and the depot's economic impact to the local economy.

Lanceta's briefing also included CCAD's major metrics, which were identified as Revenue, Carry-Over and Performance to Promise; and how those metrics are driven and monitored by the AMCOM Logistics Center. He emphasized the importance of the ALC item manager to the supply chain process and how relevant inputting accurate forecasting data is to their operation.

Besides Lanceta, the interns also met the depot's Sgt. Maj. Louis Felicioni, and chief of staff Annette Cross. The facility tour was conducted by Marc Gonzalez, director of Power Train Production. It included extensive explanations on the significance of Metal Spray, Engine and Transmission Test Cells, the Dynamic Repair Component Facility, and aircraft production.

Jessica Rodriguez-Webb, a former CCAD employee who is now a DA intern, shared her CCAD experiences with the group. Even though she has worked at CCAD, the briefing and tour along with information provided by the Army Career Program Managers provided her with a new insight on how employees can impact the supply chain process.

"Even as a 10-year employee of CCAD, having the Army Career Program managers present to make the briefing relatable to the ALC provided new perspectives" on the mission and the partnerships important to the process, she said.

Brittany Carr, Publications Division, said her experience at the depot "enlightened me on how being a tech writer supports Depot Maintenance and how vital publications are to AMCOM."

During their visit with RDECOM at CCAD, the group reviewed and discussed the supportability of rotary wing aircraft maintenance and the Storage, Analysis, Failure Evaluation and Reclamation program, which is an engineering tool that provides part failure analysis and remediation solutions for item managers who have assets with critical supply levels.

Their visit with the Defense Logistics Agency's deputy commander Jeremy Beckwith provided insight on DLA's receiving, storage, kitting, packaging and distribution processes.

"Having this experience at DLA allowed me the opportunity to place faces with the names that I interact with," said Paul McGann, a Transportation Intern assigned to the AMCOM Transportation Office, adding the DLA has given a tremendous effort in optimizing wholesale support.

The CCAD tour was coordinated by ALC's Business Management Directorate.