VICENZA, Italy -- Beginning Oct. 1, taxi drivers in Vicenza may enter Caserma Del Din and Caserma Ederle when called by customers.

The initiative is a new one, as taxis have not previously been allowed on the military installations to pick up or drop off fares. Supported by the Italian Base Commander and U.S. military leadership here, the policy authorizes several pickup locations that are marked with new taxi signs (see photo for what signs look like).

In addition to the already-established taxi pickup location on Viale Della Pace outside Gate 2, taxi drivers are allowed at the commissary parking lot and Ederle Inn on Caserma Ederle, and in front of the AAFES Express (shoppette) on Caserma Del Din.

Keeping safety in mind, only drivers who are members of the Vicenza Taxi Union and cleared for entrance will be authorized entrance onto the installations to pick up and drop off. Italian authorities, in partnership with the Directorate of Emergency Services, have provided background checks and issued badges for those drivers.

To make it easy for those needing a ride, there is an app for Smartphones whereby customers can book and pay the taxi with a simple tap. Download for the app that includes not only Vicenza, but also 18 other cities such as Milan, Rome, Venice and Padova. Other app features include paying with credit card in the app, sending GPS position if you don't know the address where you are, cancelling or otherwise managing reservations.

Those needing taxis may also call directly at Radio Taxi Veneto number, +39 04449 920600.