Eight soldiers from across the 2d Cavalry Regiment were awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge during a graduation ceremony at the Grafenwoehr Physical Fitness Center at Tower Barracks, Germany, Sept. 28, 2017. The EFMB recognizes outstanding performance and exceptional competence by military medical personnel. Less than 17 percent of U.S. Army Medical Department personnel have earned this badge."My reasoning for going out for the EFMB these past two weeks was because I love a challenge and my peers were right behind me motivating me and supporting me," said Spc. Victoria King, Field Artillery Squadron role one medic. "My leadership was right there with me the whole time."Over the course of 12 days, these Dragoons were required to complete events ranging from combat casualty care, tactical communications, land navigation, a written examination and warrior skills. The competition culminated with a twelve-mile foot march."[This week] was really competitive," said Sgt. Manuel Sanchez, Field Artillery Squadron line medic. "It was really motivating [being] with all of my peers and the soldiers in our unit. There was a lot of comradery built, and we all really helped each other."The soldiers who successfully earned the EFMB are as follows:Sgt. Edward Cancecorenner, 3rd Squadron Sgt. Michael Hinkle, 3rd Squadron Sgt. Edward Nelan, 3rd Squadron Sgt. Kelden Obregon, 4th Squadron Sgt. Sashane Johnson, Field Artillery Squadron Sgt. Manuel Sanchez, Field Artillery Squadron Sgt. Kyle Thompson, Field Artillery Squadron Spc. Victoria King, Field Artillery Squadron