FORT RILEY, Kan. -- A transference of spiritual leadership from Chap. (Capt.) Daniel Korie to Chap. (Capt.) Tammy Briggs was held during a change of stole ceremony at Fort Riley's Morris Hill Chapel Sept. 17.The event was held during the weekly Sunday gospel worship and was conducted by Chap. (Col.) Timothy Walls, Fort Riley garrison chaplain."It is a sad day in one aspect, but joyous day in another because we are changing leadership here for a flock here at Morris Hill," Walls said during his speech from the pulpit. "This responsibility should not be taken lightly, but with reverence and fear of the Lord."Walls took time to honor Korie for his service at Morris Hill Chapel."We are grateful for the ministry leadership that Chap. Daniel Korie has provided us as senior pastor for this congregation," he said. "Thank you for your willingness to shepherd this flock at a time when they needed you."After which, both the incoming and outgoing chaplains stood in front of the assembly and the stole was placed from the Korie to Briggs, the new chaplain of Morris Hill Chapel. Walls asked everyone who supported Briggs in her new leadership endeavor to stand, and the whole congregation got on their feet.Briggs, who will be serving in Fort Riley for another two years before she has to move to a new duty station, said she intends to bring change to the community in Fort Riley through her new leadership position. Her motivation to do so is through the inspiration she received from her chaplain when she was deployed to Kuwait in 2008."I want people to be able to come to Morris Hill Chapel when they come to Fort Riley and leave Fort Riley forever changed," Briggs said. "When I was deployed to Kuwait in 2008 … the chaplain there changed lives. And people left more spiritually resilient, or mentally resilient … and they went out and did great things. How do I know that? Because I was one of those people, I was an E-5, a sergeant, a chaplain's assistant.And I left there so impacted by the chaplain's ministry, that I myself became a chaplain."Briggs wants to bring the same impact she experience almost 10 years ago to the community in Fort Riley through her ministry work."We create an atmosphere where Soldiers can come," she said. "And also a place where they can remain resilient, and (be) given hope and be inspired to be the best they can be."