Davis D. Tindoll, Jr., Director, Installation Management Command Directorate - Sustainment, officiated a change of responsibility ceremony at the Detroit Arsenal Sept. 19.

The ceremony followed time-honored Army tradition where the garrison colors and command authority were passed from leader to leader.

Interim Garrison Manager Ralph Sanders, Jr. handed responsibility to Joseph Moscone with Tindoll presiding over the ceremony. This ceremony opened a new chapter in the history of the U.S. Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal, which welcomed Joe Moscone from Fort Bliss, Texas.

Moscone grew up in Detroit, graduated from Wayne State University and started his government career here as a summer hire more than 36 years ago. Since then, Moscone has worked in a variety of senior level installation management positions in the United States and overseas, and has earned a solid reputation within IMCOM.

"Joe is a proven and seasoned leader for garrison business and has had success in every position he's performed," stated Tindoll. "What struck me most about his background was that he is someone who knows how to manage and make change work to achieve better results."

Tindoll also offered his thanks to Sanders for a job well done. Tindoll stated, "Ralph, I am impressed with your can-do attitude and ability to work through the obstacles. You have made a profound and positive impact on nearly every aspect of garrison operations by stepping up accepting the mantle of leadership and doing what is required to get the job done."

A garrison manager is tasked with operating the installation itself, which allows the organizations that reside on the installation to concentrate solely on their programs and support the Soldier. These duties include all base operations support such as environmental programs, fire protection and law enforcement, facility sustainment and thousands of other various statutory and regulatory obligations. Roads, heating, cooling, grounds maintenance and planning for future growth all fall under the garrison's responsibility.

The Army uses senior civilian managers under AR 600-20, where appropriate, in order to keep our military officers and sergeants major in the ranks of trained, equipped and ready forces. There are only four civilian garrison managers serving in the 75 Army IMCOM installations in the continental U.S.