REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (Sept. 13, 2017) -- Brittany Griffin is a mechanical engineer on an assignment in Erding, Germany as an Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program employee. Griffin is currently working with the Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants, or WIWeB laboratories. The ESEP is a program that allows people the experience of working abroad with a foreign organization.

"I am working on a project that studies the effects of thermal degradation on composite materials," said Griffin. "Once I return home, I will go back to Platform Integration where I support the Joint Attack Munitions Systems Project Office in launcher development and integration."

Griffin says she works on developing new technologies for the Army. "Everything needs to be stronger, faster, and lighter so understanding how new materials operate in extreme environments is essential," said Griffin. In addition to new technologies, she also works on extending the lifespan of current hardware to ensure that equipment is used to its full capabilities while ensuring safety and functionality.

"The opportunities for personal and professional growth are a huge perk of working at AMRDEC. I appreciate that the work I do is constantly changing in a way that keeps me engaged and learning. I really enjoy the quick pace of the work I do as well as being able to see a program from start to finish."

Griffin has a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Auburn University in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, she began her career at Redstone Test Center before coming to AMRDEC. Since working at AMRDEC, Griffin has received a patent for her work.

Griffin considers her acceptance into the ESEP program as one of her most significant achievements. She comments that her move to Germany stated with a mass email sent to the workforce. Griffin encourages those interested to take advantage of opportunities available.

"Since we've been in Europe, my husband and I have spent our time traveling. We brought our car with us, so we go somewhere almost every weekend. For example, the Alps are only an hour and a half away. We've seen some beautiful places since we've been here. If we aren't traveling, there is always a festival going on that is fun. We have had a wonderful experience and learned so much and met wonderful people."


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