The Weed Army Community Hospital Medical Evacuation and Obstetrics/Gynecology teams participated in a simulated patient transfer with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for training on their newly-built helipad Aug. 22.WACH routinely transfers obstetric patients to Pomona for a higher level of care, treatment and pre-term delivery.As part of the building plans for the helipad, Pomona Valley introduced modifications for Blackhawk aircraft in an effort to continue to support the NTC mission and Weed Army Community Hospital. This simulated patient transfer allowed Pomona to complete necessary testing on their helipad and also provided WACH personnel the opportunity to tour the Pomona facilities, interact with physicians and staff and also see one of our own patients that had previously been transferred to Pomona for preterm labor whose baby is doing well while continuing to receive care in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.