The Detroit Arsenal observed Patriot Day Sept. 11 with a solemn ceremony here at the flag pole in front of Building 230 at 11:00 a.m.

The well-attended ceremony began with a recap of the timeline from September 11, 2001.

The recap detailed that sixteen years ago, enemies attacked our nation. Beginning at 7:46 a.m. when the first five hijackers boarded American Airlines Flight 11 to Los Angeles and ending with the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsing at 10:28 a.m.

The Detroit Arsenal Fire Department then marched in step to the flag pole and presented a helmet in honor of the first responders who sacrificed all on that day. Two firemen raised the flag from half-staff and then lowered back to half-staff.

Chaplain David Snyder offered a prayer of recognition for the first responders who gave freely of their lives so others may live.

Maj. Gen. Clark LeMasters, Commanding General, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command said, "We must never forget to solemnly mark this anniversary with reverence and support the men and women who are in harm's way and their families."

LeMasters also stated that Patriot Day was established Dec. 18, 2001 as a day of service and remembrance for the 2,996 people who died that day; 265 in the four air planes, 2606 in the world trade center and surrounding area (which includes 412 first Responders from New York and New Jersey), and 125 personnel at the Pentagon.

Since 9/11, nearly 7,000 service members have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with 1,230 civilians and contractors. More than 17,000 were wounded and many more carry the scars of more than 16 years of war in those two countries. More than 180,000 soldiers are deployed supporting combatant commanders at more than 140 locations world-wide.

"I want to pay special tribute to our first responders who stand ready every day to protect you and your families they are police officers, they are emergency medical technicians they are fire and rescue personnel," said LeMasters. "As you have seen over the past few weeks, they have done amazing efforts to respond to hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and Florida. We owe these men and women a debt of gratitude."

He went on to thank our professional team of security personnel and first responders here at the Detroit Arsenal.

"As we continue to struggle against those who seek to do America harm, let us pray or remember in our own way those who lost their lives on 9/11, for their families, for their loved ones and their friends left behind," stated LeMasters.