Medals honor cyber professionals for excellence

By U.S. Army Cyber CommandSeptember 18, 2017

Medals honor outstanding cyber professionals for 2017
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FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Thirty-five military and civilian cyber professionals have been honored this year with the St. Isidore Army Cyber Award for 2017.

The award, sponsored by the Armed Forces Communications-Electronics Association, recognizes "individuals who demonstrate exceptional initiative, leadership, insight, and cyber excellence within their area of expertise," according to nomination criteria on AFCEA's website.

There are three levels of the annual award -- gold, silver and bronze medals presented based on categories of recipients and levels of achievement.

The award was created in 2011 after St. Isidore of Seville (560-636) was chosen to "represent the highest ideal of the essence of cyber security and the study of the evolving world of challenges of tomorrow." The saint is considered by many to be the patron of the Internet, though Pope John Paul II never made a final decision on his official selection. A scholar who coined the word etymology -- the study of origins -- his publication of a 20-volume series of books on a wide range of topics earned the saint the title of "father of the encyclopedia."

Although considered an Army award, an Air Force member was among the recipients this year for the first time. Maj. James Crawford of the 24th Air Force's 67th Cyberspace Operations Group earned a medal for his service as deputy chief of operations for Joint Task Force Ares. The task force, which provides unified, sustained cyberspace support to counter-ISIL efforts in Iraq and Syria, is within the purview of Army Cyber Command, making its personnel, who come from all branches of service, are eligible for the Saint Isidore Award.

ARCYBER commander Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, presented several of the medals during the August 19 Cyber Ball here (denoted with an asterisk* in the list below). The remainder will be presented in appropriate venues by the recipients' organizations.

The 2017 recipients are:


Maj. Gen. George Franz

Col. David Kim*

Command Sgt. Maj. Jack Nichols

CWO4 Charles Zavorka

Tom Barnes


Lt. Col. Stephen Bultmann

Lt. Col. John Transue

Maj. Michael Arner

Maj. Scott Bobier

CWO3 Justin Hunsaker

Sgt. Maj. Jeremy Lerette*

Sgt. Maj. Joshua Smith

Master Sgt. Matthew Varney

Leonard Lewis

Donald Tyler*


Lt. Col. Andrew Byrd

Maj. James Crawford*

Maj. Michael Stokes

Maj. John Truax*

CWO4 Kevin Kim

CWO4 Gerry William

CWO3 James Elliott

CWO3 Keri Fischer

CWO3 Jason Hurst

CWO3 Shawn Johnson

Sgt. Maj. Jesse Potter*

Master Sgt. Michael Bishop

Master Sgt. Joshua Hoy

Sgt. 1st Class Francisco Estrada

Sgt. 1st Class Thaddeus Watson

Sgt. Mandy Chamberlain

Gregory Conti

Salinas Rodolfo

Katie Ward

Larry Williamson


ABOUT US: United States Army Cyber Command directs and conducts integrated electronic warfare, information and cyberspace operations as authorized, or directed, to ensure freedom of action in and through cyberspace and the information environment, and to deny the same to our adversaries.

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