CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT -- When reacting under fire you need skills to kick in and teamwork to become second nature. You can only get this from practice. Soldiers from the 548th Transportation Company test their shooting skills and teamwork in M-ATVs (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle) on a range at Camp Buehring on August 28, 2017. Col. Gregory Betts, the commander of the 371st Sustainment Brigade, and Command Sgt. Maj. Scott Barga, command sergeant major of the 371st Sustainment Brigade, were briefed on the exercise then watched as their down trace unit, the 548th Transportation Company, maneuvered MATVs into place and began an assault on the range. "This training is to make sure our guys are comfortable with their weapons systems and test their proficiency as they are conducting a convoy live fire exercise," said 1st Lt. Maumagasiva Sou, range OIC for the 548th Transportation Company. "Also this enhances their ability to communicate as a team while they move down range." The vehicles move forward, engaging targets as they pop up from cover. The crew works as a team, calling out each target to assist the gunner. As the team points out targets, the gunner must position the weapon and engage. "This training will be really helpful in a combat situation," said Sgt. Cody Cook, a vehicle gunner for the 548th Transportation Company. "It's easy to get complacent and forget things so it's always good to get a little trigger time." "The ultimate goal of this is to communicate well and work as a team, because one day we could be down range and conducting this real world," said Maumagasiva. Live fire training gives soldiers the hands-on experience they need to be better prepared for combat.