Houston, Texas - Within an hour of receiving the mission, Soldiers volunteered to support through the flooded Houston streets. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the 300th Sustainment Brigade, a unit in the U.S. Army Reserve, was called to provide support to federal law enforcement agencies, August 28, 2017. The unit consisted of Soldiers from the 300th Sustainment Brigade Headquarters Company, the 957th Quartermaster Company, and the 223rd Support Maintenance Company. The call for help highlighted the need for Reserve units to always be ready. The mission came after federal law enforcement officials requested support on an Immediate Response Authority. Within an hour of receiving the mission, most Soldiers were on their way to the rally point, said 1st Lt. Jasmine Bennett, a platoon leader in the 223rd Support Maintenance Company and the mission's officer-in-charge. Then, 18 Soldiers, seven Light Medium Tactical Vehicles, and one Logistics Vehicle System Replacement wrecker picked up supplies and transported them through the high-rising waters in Houston. "They really helped us out a lot," said Michael Greene, an associate warden at the Federal Detention Center in Houston, Texas. "Very early in the morning, the unit was able to bring supplies and 25 personnel to relieve the others." Some of the staff on duty had been at the detention center for over 24 hours without resupply due to inaccessibility caused by the hurricane's flooding. The vehicles used were designed to go through different types of terrain in most conditions. Greene was one of the last of the transported personnel before the team split off to support another reserve unit. "The support was outstanding," he said. "We would not have been able to get here without the Army [Reserves'] support." This desire to help is what brought the unit to answer the call. "I would volunteer again, if I could," said Spc. Fabian Streit, a motor transport operator in the 300th whose hometown is Dallas, Texas. "I just want to help and do anything I can for the families." Streit, who has a family member in the Houston area, said any one of these people "could be my family." Another Soldier, Sgt. Joshua Cason, one of the drivers from the 957th Quartermaster Company and native of Los Angeles, echoed Streit's sentiments. "Any help we can provide is great," he said. "This shows the younger Soldiers why we do all our training. "This shows why we have to be ready."