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(From second left to right) USAG Daegu Directorate of Public Works Energy Team Joshua Seo, Ms. Song, Hye-in and Mr. Hong, In-ki, Maj. Patrick W. Caukin accept the 2017 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award for Energy Conservation Au... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Q: What is your name and what is your job title?

A: My name is Joshua Seo, and my job title is the United States Army Garrison Daegu Energy Manager. I am with USAG Daegu Directorate of Public Works.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your Area of Responsibility or duties?

A: My area of responsibility is all about energy management for Area IV. My job focuses on improving energy security, securing funds for energy projects, modernizing energy systems, educating all communities on energy awareness and conservation, and programming for future energy actions for energy infrastructure sustainment.

Q: Do you have any success stories or accomplishments regarding your programs?

A: Our team's biggest accomplishment is building comprehensive energy projects to improve and modernizing our energy infrastructure. We have been very successful in securing funds to replace old systems to new systems for maximizing performance and reliability. In last three years, we've secured more than $8.4M in last three fiscal years for these projects.


USAG Daegu DPW Energy Team consists of 3 members headed by USAG Daegu Energy Manager Joshua Seo, Ms. Song, Hye-in and Mr. Hong, In-ki. The team handles all energy-related duties in Area.

The Energy Team received the 2017 Annual Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award for Energy Conservation for their conservation efforts in fiscal year 2016. The award was presented Aug. 17 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL.

The Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Awards Program was established in 1979. The awards recognized accomplishments in energy and water conservation and management that improve the Army's energy and water program goals and sustainability on Army installations. Small groups and individuals from the Total Army are eligible for consideration. Categories for the award include Energy/Water Conservation, Innovation and New Technology, Energy Program Effectiveness and Individual Exceptional Performance.


Q: How do you feel about winning the awards?

A: It's great feeling. I'm grateful that our work and efforts have translated to results locally (saved $2.2M in utility costs in FY16) and that our results are being recognized nationally within Army. We are meeting all Army goals and objectives but we will continue to find areas for energy and water improvements for further modernizing our garrison community.

Q: What did your Energy team do to conserve energy of Area IV community?

A: We've done a lot. We put lots of investments into replacing old and inefficient systems to new systems. This includes LED lights, heating and A/C systems, building optimization control systems, motion sensors, changing from fuel oil to natural gas, and solar tube technology. These systems have yielded energy savings in terms of dollar figures and energy usage.

We have also educated and briefed general public on importance of energy conservation. Our efforts to reach public and spread energy awareness have been very active and we are integrated into many weekly and bi-weekly meetings.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to the community to know?

A: I want the community to know how much we spend monthly on utility bills. It's about $1.3M. General public and community do not see this bill since they don't receive invoices, but garrison pays for this monthly basis. This is a must pay so we cannot simply cut it, we have to work to reduce energy bills so we pay less to the providers. I want the general public to treat our facilities like it's their homes and conserve energy and water any way possible.