Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan--Soldiers from Echo Company, 1st Regiment 1st Battalion Air Defense Artillery don their gas masks and protective gear during the unit's first Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) training exercise on Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, JapanAs one of the fundamental basic trainings, the CBRN exercise fosters the Soldiers to develop confidence and prepare readiness from potential threats.Prior to entering the gas chamber, Soldiers received training on proper application of the Joint Service Light Weight Integrated Suit Technology, the Army's standard issue chemical protective clothing, as well as their protective masks before learning about different chemical agents and their effects.For the Soldiers stationed in Japan, understanding chemical threats is critical to their mission."CBRN readiness is one of our main priorities, ensuring we maintain our combat readiness," said Capt. Philip Walerko, commander, Echo Co. "We want to ensure that our Soldiers at every level develop the needed skills, knowledge, and confidence in their equipment." Being comfortable in an uncomfortable environment."Soldiers love to conduct training that engages them in a new and interesting way," said 1st Sgt. Joseph Radebaugh, senior non-commissioned officer of Echo Co. "It is absolutely imperative that we instill the trust and confidence in our Soldiers to perform their core missions in different type of environments."As part of the training, the Soldiers simulated evacuating casualties to a decontamination point where the medics then conducted a full decontamination of the simulated casualties."Incorporating the casualties into the training, allowed our Soldiers to further build on their skills to accomplish the mission if different circumstances arise," said Radebaugh.The training event took advantage of the knowledge and experience of battalions CBRN personnel."Our Soldiers did an excellent job," said 2nd Lt. Matthew Li, battalion CBRN officer-in-charge. "In the past our unit would have to perform CBRN training on another installation, today's training is a validation of our unit to perform CBRN training here, but most importantly maintaining our CBRN readiness."