Corpus Christi Army Depot is shutting down operations ahead of Tropical Storm Harvey, Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017.

Based on the latest forecast calling for hurricane force conditions to arrive in the area within 48 hours, production operations at the depot will cease today at 6 p.m. and last through tomorrow.

"The goal is to shut down CCAD today," said depot commander, Col. Allan H. Lanceta. The helicopter maintenance facility will be closed at least through the weekend.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi expects to initiate Condition of Readiness (COR) II today at 1600 and COR I Friday at 7 a.m. COR I closes the installation. NASCC will be closed tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 25.

CCAD continues storm preparation today ahead of the storm. Other than emergency essential personnel, all CCAD employees will be on approved administrative leave today at 6 p.m. until further notice. CCAD will be closed tomorrow and through the weekend.

CCAD's emergency team will remain on the base with NASCC emergency personnel to monitor and communicate conditions to the command. Recall procedures will initiate once conditions at NAS are safe for employees to return.

Employees will receive official command updates, including information on returning to work, through the AtHoc system as it is made available or may also call the Corpus Christi Army Depot Security Hotline at (361) 961-0321.

Preparations for the upcoming storm began yesterday as pilots secured aircraft at other air bases while work crews secured all equipment and facilities to withstand the worst of the storm and winds expected to start Thursday night. Streets prone to flooding at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi have already been closed to drivers and barricaded.