KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- 21st Theater Sustainment Command non-commissioned officers attended a leadership and development briefing hosted by retired command sergeant's major from United States Forces Command and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Aug. 14 at the Daenner Kaserne Chapel.Carl Christian and William Gainey -- formerly of U.S. Army Forces Command and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, respectively -- held the briefing as an opportunity for NCOs to ask questions and speak candidly about their career goals and what qualities they hope to see in future Army leadership."We came here today to share our experience and to help our NCO corps remain the best NCO corps in the world," Christian said.With more than 200 NCOs in attendance for the open session, Gainey emphasized the basics of NCO leadership."Be proficient in your task, be able to mentor, coach and teach at your level to the ones below you, counseling, counseling, counseling," he said. "And lastly, stay physically fit."The event had mutual benefit for both groups of enlisted leadership."Today was a great opportunity for 21st NCO's to sit down with former senior leadership and gain knowledge about their journey and experience," said Msg. Sgt. Yarsharae Armstrong, 21st TSC training NCO. "It's great to be a part of an organization that provides us additional opportunities for leadership and development."Gainey challenged the Soldiers to remember the fact that every human being has 68,400 seconds in a day."I as a sergeant major can give you a task, but you decide on how you use those seconds in a day," he said. "I would ask that you use them wisely, don't waste it, and make it benefit someone else more than yourself."