LETTERKENNY ARMY DEPOT, Pa., August 11, 2017 -- Col. Stephen Ledbetter today succeeded Col. Deacon Maddox as commander here.

"Letterkenny is a great place to live and a great opportunity to directly support our Soldiers and our Nation," Maj. Gen. Doug Gabram, AMCOM Commander said as he presided.

Ledbetter accepted the Letterkenny flag and the responsibility of command from Gabram and becomes the depot's 49th commander.

Held in front of the headquarters building at the Depot, the ceremony featured an Army Materiel Command five-piece band and a color guard consisting of Letterkenny's Soldiers. Local officials, family, friends and depot employees attended to witness the events.

Maddox became the commander at Letterkenny on August 7, 2015. Under Maddox's leadership, Letterkenny began construction of a Military Construction Army project for a 45,040 square-foot, $15 million addition to Building 350 that will house metal treatment and surface preparations.

Also, the Depot has been recognized with its 10th Shingo Medallion for manufacturing excellence, making industrial facilities, safety trends and environmental practices improvements.

"It's been an honor and a privilege to command Letterkenny," Maddox said. "The mission here is vital to our nation's security, and the workforce is tremendously skilled. Letterkenny is perfectly positioned to capitalize on growth and to help shape it in the future. I will always treasure my time with the great people of this area, and I will look for the depot to continue to contribute to our nation's defense in the future."

"The Letterkenny team delivers true industrial capability and capacity: new production, parts fabrication, reverse engineering, innovative design, tailored solutions, focused on Army readiness with speed, accuracy and quality," Gabram said. "Command is not an easy assignment, but with you standing behind your new Commander, we know he will lead this organization to new levels.

He then looked at Ledbetter and said: "Get ready for the ride of your life."

"Letterkenny Army Depot has deep roots in the Cumberland Valley and has a
proud history of building first-class combat power for the Army," Ledbetter said. "I am extremely humbled and honored to be joining the men and women on the Letterkenny team as we continue to build readiness for the Army and our joint partners."

Letterkenny Army Depot is the premier depot for air defense missile systems, tactical missile ground support equipment, and mobile electric power generation equipment.

The depot was established in 1942 and is the top employer in Franklin County, fueling an economic engine that propels more than a quarter-billion dollars annually into the region through payroll, contracts, and retiree annuities.