CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT -- When supplies are needed on the battlefield, a fast and safe way to do this is the Air Drop. The reason to practice such an event is so when a UH-60 Black Hawk cannot fit in to a landing zone or the fighting is too intense and the much needed supplies must be dropped to the troops in theater. Soldiers from the 371st Sustainment Brigade, 1st Battalion 147th Aviation Regiment, 824th Quarter Master Company and 215th Brigade Support Battalion 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division conducted a practice Air Drop on July 27, 2017. "This exercise makes them aware of what's actually coming from the sky not just the ground," said Captain Leon Forystek, 371st Sustainment Brigade Airdrop Office. Troops must first cordon off an area then place the proper makers to give the pilots the x that makes the spot. Once coordinated and secured a call is made and smoke lets the black hawks know they can fly in and drop off much needed supplies to the battlefield. Today's drop a little more tricky then normal as Soldiers participating in the training rushed in to grab their supplies, the sound of simulated enemy gun fire rung through the air. Some laid down covering fire, while others retrieved the supplies. A few Soldiers become simulated casualties, making the drop even more chaotic. Combat medics did their part to treat injured Soldiers. "It gives us great experience that we could put all this training together and do something new so when that time comes we will be ready", said Sergeant Keith Watson 1st Cavalry Division 3rd Brigade Combat Team 215th Brigade Support Battalion. "These are skills that can be lost and forgotten. Even the air unit is actually reaching out to us to conduct more practice drops in the future," said Forystek. "Air Drop practices like these will keep troops ready for anything in theater."