Moncrief Army Health Clinic and the Special Troops Battalion received awards for their commitment to recycling excellence at the energy conservation update meeting Tuesday.

Third Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment also received awards for recycling but were not present at the meeting.

The awards are given out based upon the amount each unit recycled within the second and third quarters. Those that have the highest recycling amounts are the ones that are awarded.

Moncrief and STB received awards for both quarters while 3-34 received one for the 2nd quarter, and 2-39 received one for the 3rd quarter. The awards were handed out by Col. Stephen Elder, Fort Jackson Garrison Commander, at the end of the meeting.

The key point of the overall meeting was to continue to conserve energy, and aim to be even more frugal with energy use across Fort Jackson.

"We have to be as diligent as we can to save those dollars for use on critical mission requirements and towards our Army Families," said Ann Garner director of the installation's Directorate of Public Works