Army Family,What an honor it is to again be a part of the United States Army, the world's most powerful and effective land fighting force, made up of the finest men and women our great Nation has to offer. As a veteran and a Soldier for Life, I'm extremely humbled to assume the duties of Under Secretary of the Army.Our Army continues to be the most trained and ready-to-fight force worldwide. The Army has made great progress in improving its readiness across the total force. However, being ready to fight today's adversaries is not enough. Now, the Army must also focus efforts on modernizing today to be ready to fight tomorrow, against increasingly capable adversaries and near peer competitors. This will involve hard choices and investment to rapidly develop capabilities that our Soldiers will need to win decisively across all domains on complex future battlefields. We must not forget that our most important assets continue to be the Soldiers, Department of Army Civilians, and Families that make up the Total Army.Over the last sixteen years, much has been asked of you, and you have delivered. You continue to fight the longest war in our Nation's history while meeting additional challenges worldwide, and this demand is not going away. I will work tirelessly to honor your service and sacrifice, to maintain the high quality of our volunteer force, and provide you the quality of life you deserve.Thank you for your dedication to our Nation. I look forward to serving alongside you.Ryan D. McCarthy 33rd Under Secretary of the Army