FORT STEWART, Ga. Soldiers of Company B, 1st Brigade, 3rd Special Troops Battalion, have more than 100 safety days to be proud about; on March 27, the company received the 180 Days, DUI and Alcohol Incident Free streamer outside the Raider Dining Facility. The streamer was presented to them by 3rd Infantry Division Commanding General Tony Cucolo and Command Sgt. Maj. Jesse Andrews.

"This is one heck of an accomplishment," said Cucolo, "65 people over the last 180 days chose to do all the right things when it comes to alcohol consumption and safety. We've had some issues with the 24,000 Soldiers in our division and we are trying to impress on everyone the importance of mature alcohol use and safe operation of motor vehicles, but the fact that this company as a collective group chose to be self-disciplined is fantastic. That says a lot about you from private E-0, all the way up to Captain and First Sergeant, because 65 people can want to do something, but it only takes one to step out of line."

But the General was more proud of the award the company is scheduled to receive in just a few short days.

"You all are about a week and a half, I think, from being alcohol incident free for a year," said Cucolo, "Which to my knowledge you would be the first in the division to accomplish that."

B Co. 1st Sgt. Timothy Coleman was all to willing to give his secret for success.

"Every Friday or safety briefing we stress the importance of alcohol safety and it's worked well so far," Coleman said, the pride for his Soldiers on his face, "I ask Soldiers individually what they are doing and who their designated driver will be, everything has been working well so far so there's no need to change anything."

However, Coleman also credited the company's success not just to the commander and himself, but also from the platoon sergeants all the way down to the individual private.

"I have never gotten a call from anyone about my Soldiers being in trouble, and if a platoon sergeant has ever gotten a call, I haven't been notified," Coleman said with a laugh.