FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii - Brig. Gen. Ronald P. Clark, incoming chief of staff, U. S. Army Pacific, was honored during a Flying "V" ceremony held at historic Palm Circle, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, August 2.

The Flying "V" ceremony traditionally welcomes or honors senior Army officials when they assume duties or depart from an USARPAC. The "V" refers to the way the organizational colors are posted during the ceremony, which is V-shaped.

Clark joined USARPAC following his assignment as Deputy Chief of Staff-Operations for the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. Prior assignments include a rotation as the Army's Deputy Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy in the Pentagon, and a tour of duty as Deputy Commanding General-Support with the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Iraq during Operation Inherent Resolve.

USARPAC Commanding General, Gen. Robert B. Brown officiated the ceremony and addressed Clark's importance to USARPAC mission and the impact he expects him to have on the command.

"There's a lot of things going on and we're very lucky to have a Chief of Staff who will guide us through these tough areas," said Brown. "So we're very fortunate to have Ron ... with his great operational experience and background, he'll be a tremendous Chief of Staff. No question [he'll] take us to the next level. I'm certain of that."

Clark expressed how it great it was to be back in Hawaii where he cut his teeth as a young company grade officer.

"I've learned a lot [since then] and hope to contribute some of that back to the USARPAC team and is a great honor to serve under Brown, and gave thanks to him and other members of the command group," said Clark

Clark was especially thankful for Brown's empowerment of his subordinate commanders.

"Thank you for the opportunity to be your Chief of Staff," he said. "It's widely known that you set a command climate that leaders emulate across the Army and that subordinates fight to be a part of. You empower leaders through mission command better than any other senior leader in our Army. It is both a privilege and an honor to serve with you again."

Clark finished his remarks with a personal message for the USARPAC staff, many thanks to his family, and stated how glad he is that he will part of the USARPAC "One Team" Ohana.

"I'm humbled to serve in your ranks and ... together we'll do our best to get at [Gen. Brown's] priorities by working together to provide dominant, strategically responsive forces to meet the diverse challenges across the entire spectrum of conflict in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region."