In the fall and winter of 2016, the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program began a transition pilot program at six installations worldwide, including Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Drum, New York; Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington; and U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, Germany.

The pilot assigns active component Soldiers a category using a multivariate model, developed by Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis, based on a Soldier's education, age, rank, separation reasoning, military occupation and other demographic data. The category determines which career readiness standards are mandatory and which CRS Soldiers may choose to elect. The pilot looks to adjust the "one size fits all" approach to transition, where all transitioning Soldiers must complete the same CRS.

SFL-TAP is a commander's program and commanders take an active role in their Soldiers' transition process. Certain pilot sites involve direct commander input to help determine what CRS the Soldier should complete. Through modified CRS requirements and commander involvement, the pilot looks to focus more resources on Soldiers who are in need of additional assistance during their transition.

SFL-TAP assists all eligible, transitioning Soldiers with preparing to leave active duty service. The program is offered to active and Reserve components and assists Soldiers in meeting CRS.

Soldiers within their transition window are required to attend SFL-TAP if they have served at least 180 days of continuous Title 10 active duty service. The program allows time for Soldiers to develop resumes, network, attend job fairs, learn interview techniques, learn how to dress appropriately for interviews, prepare financially, apply to school and more. Program resources are also available to eligible Family members, retirees and Department of the Army civilians.

SFL-TAP centers can assist in connecting Soldiers to civilian life and opportunities. Various centers around the world hold employer and hiring events to encourage employers to meet and hire Soldiers, veterans and their Family members. SFL-TAP centers work to help connect clients with employment opportunities, internships, entrepreneurship opportunities, skills programs, education, workshops and more.

SFL-TAP encourages transitioning Soldiers to start the program 18 months prior to transition or 24 months prior to retirement.

SFL-TAP works to help Soldiers find opportunities in the civilian sector, tailoring a Soldier's transition experience to their personal needs, and encouraging Soldiers to prepare for civilian life early and throughout their military career.

For more information on the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program, visit or contact a local SFL-TAP center. Follow SFL-TAP online on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.