USAG DAEGU, South Korea -- There are many areas which are out of our sight, but work on silently and importantly in our workplace. The United States Army Garrison Daegu Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division is one of those departments. It is not a coincidence that we have always been able to work in a pleasant environment without inconvenience, and it is because there have been many efforts to organize and execute medium and long term plans about the environment. This is the first in a series of articles focusing on those who are quietly working hard on their mission, the Environmental Division.The primary responsibilities of the Environment Division are to ensure that all environmental policies, rules, regulations are followed. They conduct environmental planning, provide awareness to the military and Korean communities, and they monitor, analyze, and report various issues related to the environment across Area IV. The Environment Division also provides environmental assessments and hazardous waste and materials management. Each part is important in terms of helping the garrison sustain its mission."These days, it is more about the sustainability," said Russell K. Grossley, chief of Environmental Division. "Trying to keep doing what we are doing in terms of reducing our environmental footprint. At the same time, helping to sustain for the future means that we are doing good things now, but there are more ways that we can improve that helps to sustain what we need to do in the future."Recycling is a big part of sustainability for the garrison. The gains from recycling are modest, but they have a lot to contribute to the garrison and community. If recycle, the Environment Division is able to sell those commodities. By selling those commodities, the garrison gets money back to which is invested in community outreach programs. This is good for promoting a better quality of life for Soldiers and Families, as well as protecting our natural resources."It is more about trying to ensure that everyone understands that recycling and doing these energy conservation things, gives us a better quality of life," said Grossley. "Not just for now, but in the future. That is all sustainable."In matters of environmental issues, people want conservation of our natural resources such as energy, water, use of light, and recycling. When we destroy our natural resources, it costs more to create new things. But if we recycle or reuse the materials and wastes, we can reduce our environmental footprint."Everyone just needs to continue with great environmental stewardship, and we got great programs and great leadership to support here," said Grossley. "All of the Area IV managers, directors, commanders, units, Soldiers and Families can also join with us. We are conserving the environmental footprint while continuing to meet the mission objectives. We want to develop and implement certain environmental strategies and action plans that will help us to ensure installation sustainable development."