USAG DAEGU, South Korea -- When civilians and Soldiers who have children move to another station, one of their biggest concerns must be about the new education system. To prepare for this situation, the Area IV School Liaison Office helps people in many ways.The SLO coordinates and assists Army families and school-aged youth with educational opportunities and information necessary to achieve academic success. They serve in a communication and assistance role between the school system and military families."The School Liaison Office is very important to our community," said Nicholya Williams, Area IV school liaison officer. "What I do is that I help to ease their transition. A lot of families coming to new countries have trouble when they arrive adjusting to the new duty station with their children. Parents are interested in not only the school but also multiple ways of education such as home-schooling. Furthermore when families are leaving, we connect them with the SLO at their new station."Williams supports families' transition when they are PCSing in and out of the garrison. Anyone who comes into the garrison with school-aged children can visit the office and get information and resources about the school system. She also helps families connect to the Child and Youth Center to support home-schooling.The Child and Youth Center works as a resource as well as a facility to utilize. It also provides transitional support for children wishing to go to Daegu Middle High, International, and elementary schools on Camps Walker and George to satisfy all parent's educational needs.Williams always tries to go out and meet newcomers at the Newcomers Briefing, Newcomers Orientation, Spouse Orientation and American Forces Network radio show to spread out information to new families coming to Area IV.The educational experience of our military children is crucial and of utmost importance. Therefore, the relationship between the schools and military families need to be nurtured and enhanced constantly.For more information regarding the School Liaison Office, contact 764-5467 on DSN or