USAG DAEGU, South Korea - United States Army Garrison Daegu Fire & Emergency Services conducted fire safety training, July 12, at Camp Henry.Over the few months, we had increased fire accidents in barracks," said Anthony Smith, USAG Daegu Fire Department fire prevention chief. "So we got with leadership within the Garrison and Fire Chief, and we decided to do interactive training with all of our residents in order to teach them how to deal with unpredictable situations. We reached out to each barracks and their residents to make this training happen. I want to emphasize and make sure everybody in the barracks knows what that they should do to keep safe."This training began with fire drills. As the fire alarm starts to go off, personnel staying in the building should stop whatever they are doing and walk to the nearest fire exit. After the evacuation, Smith explained and showed various types of fire accidents that can happen such as trash basket fire and electrical fire. He briefly taught emergency response procedures to prevent larger accidents. "We learned what to do when there is fire and what not to do," said Cpl. Lee, Hyun-chang, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, USAG Daegu. "This was a very useful training because recently there has been a lot of case related to fire. Hopefully there will be no incident from now on. But if it happens I hope that this training helps all the U.S. Soldiers and KATUSAs evacuate safely. Once again I want to thank all the members of USAG Daegu Fire Department including fire fighters for providing us with the training and hard work."Among these cases, the Fire Department tried to demonstrate how dangerous it is to pour water into a frying oil pot. When the fire fighter poured water into the oil pot, the pot was wrapped in huge flames in a few seconds. After putting out the oil fire, the Fire Department gave off smoke in the barrack to help people escape through the smoke."During the training, people can see what it would look like if they walk out of the room when smoke is in the hallway," said Michael Diehl, USAG Daegu Fire Department fire chief. "They do not know what is like to come out and how hard it is to see and find way out. Smoke makes it difficult to get out, you can easily lose you orientation and where you are at. So that shows them why it is important to get out as soon as the alarm goes off. The longer you wait, the harder for you to escape.""In my opinion, the most important thing is that everyone should be responsible for being able to recognize some type of fire situation," said Smith. "If you are involved in any other issues that related to fire or have questions, please call the Fire Department at 911."This fire safety training including fire drills will go on until the end of July and restart in September. For more information regarding the training, contact at 0503-364-5911.