The new commanding general of the Training and Doctrine Command got up close and personal with many of the educational programs and opportunities at the Army War College during a visit March 25.

"It's not practice that makes perfect; rather, its perfect practice that makes perfect," has said Gen. Martin Dempsey, TRADOC Commander. "It is, after all, the seemingly small disciplines and commitment to high standards that makes us who we are and binds us together as a force, an Army, in peace and in war. That's what we're committed to at TRADOC."

During his visit, Dempsey addressed the USAWC Resident Class of 2009, gave a presentation at the Combined/Joint Forces Land Component Commander Course in Collins Hall, participated in an elective, and toured the Army Heritage and Education Center.

While speaking to the student body, Dempsey focused on the importance of leadership and leader development. TRADOC operates 32 schools and centers at 16 Army installations. TRADOC schools conduct 2,734 courses (81 directly in support of mobilization) and 373 language courses. The 2,734 courses include 503,164 seats for 434,424 Soldiers; 34,675 other-service personnel; 7,824 international Soldiers; and 26,241 civilians. The Army War College is a TRADOC school.

Dempsey spoke about how TRADOC needs to adapt to the changing environments to make sure that they are enabling graduates with the skills they will need in the future.

"He has a daunting task ... his number one job is leader development, which is what you students are involved in right now," said Maj. Gen. Robert Williams, USAWC Commandant. "This is no small task when the Army must focus on winning the fight."

Dempsey thanked the International Fellows in the audience and the important role they play into today's environment.

"I value our partnerships deeply. You play a vital role," he said. "I'm glad you are all here working side-by-side with this class."

After his talk, Dempsey took questions from the students. Topics included TRADOC reorganization, Army Force Generation, junior officer training and FM 3-0.

Dempsey also reminded the students that leadership is important at all level when spoke about Sgt. 1st Class Brian Eisch, the TRADOC NCO of the Year.

"As you know, it is the year of the NCO and you should thank them for what they do," he said. "Spend any time with them and you can see that they are truly the backbone of the Army."

Later, Dempsey experienced first-hand the educational programs at the Army War College with the "Leading and Managing Change" elective class.

Before departing Carlisle Barracks, Dempsey addressed 14 general officers on "Operational Art and Doctrine" as part of the Combined / Joint Force Land Component Commander Course.

C/JFLCC background

The C/JFLCC is a senior-officer level professional education course conducted at the Army War College, under the direction TRADOC that prepares senior officers to function effectively as Land Component Commanders for theater-level operations conducted in a joint, multinational, and interagency environment. The course helps prepare attendees to formulate and execute complex land operations that provide Combatant Commanders with a full spectrum of rapid, decisive and sustained land dominance capabilities that are critical to effective national policy accomplishment.

The one-week long course is conducted three times each year at Carlisle Barracks. The course brings together 14 General Officers from all services in the grades of Brigadier through Lieutenant General.