ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala.--The engine of a tank is what keeps a combat vehicle running, whether in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And, it's what depot employees do to it inside the Anniston Army Depot Nichols Industrial Complex that extends its life and improves its functionality.

Both the AGT 1500 turbine and the reciprocating engine are overhauled at the depot by skilled mechanics equipped with the latest in technology.

Many initiatives here have allowed the depot to achieve a number of milestones with its AGT 1500 turbine engine production line, including 100-percent on-time delivery. The Turbine Value Stream received a 2007 Shingo bronze medallion for its process improvements.

Each reciprocating engine, whether rebuilt, repaired or modified, is cycled through one of 18 dynamometer test cells by qualified technicians. Tested and calibrated to ensure maximum performance, each engine must meet rigorous standards before it's placed in the hands of the valued customer-the warfighter.

The photos here provide a pictorial account of what happens to an engine at Anniston.