Next year will mark the completion of the new middle school on Fort Knox. Upon completion, the complex which will house the middle and high schools, will be called the Knox Middle and High School.

The ground was broken for the new middle school in September 2016 and the completion date is set for May 2018.

The new middle school will be in the footprint of the old Pierce Elementary School which was demoed last year.

Ashley Ryan, a Fort Knox master planning engineer, said Pierce's demolition didn't include its gym because that will be used as a fine arts building. The building will wrap around and be attached to the high school. The middle and high schoolers will also share the same lunch room.

"The single-story (middle school) will be approximately 51,550 square feet," she said. "It might have some double height spaces to give the appearance of more (floors)."

Ryan added that the school is at 35 percent completion and the contractors have completed two notable parts of the construction. She said the exterior walls are being built. That is being done so the roof can be constructed so the weather won't interfere with the subsequent aspects of completing the school's construction. After the walls, slabs and shell are complete the roof will be constructed.

"Since the (schools will be) connected, some work has to happen in the high school," explained Ryan. "The contractor was waiting until school was released (for the school year)."

Ryan pointed out that the contractors are currently finishing their work at the high school because the new school year begins Aug. 7.

Like Fort Knox's new Kingsolver Elementary School, the new middle school will also have the same concept of the 21st century idea of classrooms incorporating shared areas.

Although the new middle school has a completion date of next year, Ryan said Scott Middle School, located at 266 Mississippi St. behind Fort Knox High School, will remain standing once the new middle school has been complete. Students in grades sixth through ninth grade will continue attending the current middle school for the 2017-2018 school year.

"The demolition of Scott won't be talked about until turnover is complete," she said.