Representatives from the Army and Sikorsky signed a five-year multibillion-dollar deal to acquire 257 H-60 Black Hawk helicopters to be delivered to the Army and Foreign Military Sales customers.A signing ceremony took place July 27 at the Redstone Arsenal airfield to highlight the mulityear agreement."The award of the contract was the culmination of thousands of hours of hard work on the part of both the U.S .Government and Sikorsky," said Col. Billy Jackson, the utility helicopter program manager for the Program Executive Office for Aviation, who lauded the teamwork among several organizations involved in the process. "The Utility Helicopters team, Army Contracting Command, Defense Contract Management Agency and the cast at Sikorsky did an outstanding job getting this done."The contract value for expected deliveries is approximately $3.8 billion and includes options for an additional 103 aircraft, with the total contract value potentially reaching $5.2 billion. T he contract marks the ninth time the Army has entered into a multiyear agreement for Sikorsky's H-60 aircraft, which provides significant savings over year to year contracts."The negotiated position represents a savings of $822 million," Rebecca Weirick, Redstone Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting, said. "More importantly, this contract provides our Army and global foreign military sales customers with secure Black Hawk readiness for the next five years at a great price."Actual production quantities will be determined year-by-year over the life of the program based on funding allocations set by Congress and Pentagon acquisition priorities. The deliveries are scheduled to be made from 2017 to 2022.The H-60M helicopter are the latest and most modern in a series of Black Hawk variants that have been in the Army aviation fleet since 1978. The M model provides increased situational awareness as well as additional payload and range capability.