Though he may not have a background in aviation, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Jablonski is eager apply the skills attained during his acquisition career in his new role as product manager for the Transport Aircraft Product Office within the Fixed Wing Project Office, Program Executive Office for Aviation."While the equipment, aircraft versus tanks, may differ greatly, the goal of both divisions is to make sure the best equipment is available and ready for use by our Soldiers," said Jablonski, a native of Ludlow, Massachusetts. "I am looking forward to being a part of the new Fixed Wing Utility Aircraft program which will replace the aging fleet of C-12 and C-26 aircraft."We anticipate the Milestone C decision in FY '18. This new platform will provide improved passenger and payload capability, along with greater range capability."Jablonski will manage a fleet of approximately 200 aircraft in 85 locations worldwide. He will also oversee the transition and management of the recently awarded contractor logistics support contract which provides worldwide system maintenance, repair, integration and operational support to the transport fleet.The fixed wing transport aircraft fleet provides the Army with varied mission capability from moving high value personnel and equipment to performing intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions including counter-improvised explosive device detection.